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According to Solomon it is only Sono a true man of God who preached 38 years, no scandal: Opinion

This is the post according to Solomon Ashoms, he thinks that Musa Sono the founder of Grace Bible Church in Soweto, he is the only man of God that does preach the word of God for 38 years without scandals.

As you can see in what he posted that the man is not a fan of the pastors that use anointing oil, holy water, mantles and many other things. He said this man is not doing any gimmicks, or implement some ways of robbing people their money. I don't know this man of God very well, I only see him up on TV, and I like his preaching.

This is the man that was once criticized for having ATMs in his church, so when Solomon is saying does not manipulate people for their money. I don't know whether it is a good thing or not, to have ATMs in the church, because the moment that we put ATMs in the church, the motive become clear. We will leave that to God, because we don't know when the men of God puts those ATMs in the church, it could be the instruction by God. It could be out of pure intention. So that we can only give it to God to can judge.

So for those of us who have been to Grace Bible Church, you can tell us better about this man of God, that is said to be very clean, that is said that they are no gimmicks. As you can see some people on the comment section, they don't agree with the post of Solomon. They are posting all kind of criticisms. Some are agreeing that he is true man of God, just like they did when they were trying to criticise Tb Joshua, there were those people that agreed with his haters, then there are people that disagreed with his haters.

These issues have that, whenever the name of the pastor is mentioned, they are those that will stand with him, no matter the evidence on the ground, and then there are those that will go with those that are crushing him. So we don't know for sure whether what Solomon has posted is true, so we can just leave it for you on the comments section. Those that have attended this particular church, and that know the man of God personally to say your opinions on this.

No holy water and gimmicks and fake financial sex scandal....word based preaching...driven by integrity ..So many community projects 

Mosa Sono and Grace Bible Church, 38 years later. Congratulations!

Soweto's finest! 

You can be faithful as a Pastor!

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