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Prophet dropped a strong warning about electronic devices during loadshedding. Here is what he says


Are you familiar with your electronics devices? Ra has a message for you.

According to Ra," Whenever electricity is off you become so peaceful you don't realize it. The electronic devices are a huge problem in your life. All of that rediation blocks you from reaching out to your soul enlightenment. So take advantage when electricity is gone and MEDITATE."

"This is exactly what I did izolo as we had loadshedding and I just woke up. It was indeed perfect. I had massive dreams too about a huge machine coming from the sky, carrying invincible very intelligent Creatures." says a twitter follower

"I have noticed that, when ever they is loadshadding more special at night, looking outside everything dark, I become peaceful and joyful" says a Twitter follower

'Wena Ra the peace when there is no electricity The stars even shine brighter Take me to the Forrest City life is overrated," says a follower

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Prophet Ra


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