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Exodus Moses Plans A Trip To Egypt To Free The Israelites From Pharaoh

Moses after a conversation he had on Exodus 3 and 4 with God, now he is on his way to Jethro, his father in law to explain to him, that he has to take a trip to Egypt as instructed by God. Exodus 4: 18 (KJV)

Moses         : the Lord bless you.

Jethro          : the Lord bless you too, Moses.

Moses         : I have something to tell you, but I don’t know where to start.

Jethro          : What is it, Moses? You know, you can tell me everything, right.

Moses         : Well you know, that mountain we normally call the mount of God?

Jethro          : Yes, what happened?

Moses         : The angel of the Lord appeared unto to me in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush, so I came closer to see what was that I was seeing, and behold the bush was burning with fire, but it was not consumed. Exodus 3: 2 (KJV)

Jethro          : And what happened next?

Moses         : I tried to come closer to it to see this great sight, of why the bush was burning but not consumed, I then heard the voice coming out of the midst of the bush calling my name. I fell on the ground fearing to look, and the voice said, I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and God of Jacob, and it also instructed me to take off my shoes because the place I was at was the holy ground. Exodus 3: 6 (KJV)

Jethro          : Really Moses?

Moses         : We spoke together and the Lord God said, I must return to my people who are in Egypt, and set them free from the hand of Pharaoh. Exodus 4: 19 (KJV)

Jethro          : Moses, I will not stand in the way of God, so you may take your wife and the sons, and do what he instructed you to do.

Moses         : Thank you very much sir, and where is my wife?

Zipporah came and entered into the house together with her sons, and Moses explains to his wife and the children, of what God instructed him to do, and Zipporah agreed to leave with Moses. Zipporah and the sons mounted the ass and they all departed to Egypt. Exodus 4: 20 (KJV)

Along the way Lord God requested of Moses to circumcise his so, but Zipporah was against it, and it came to pass while they were in the inn, and Moses wanted to kill the son, and Zipporah took the stone and circumcised the child, and thereafter she threw the skin on the foot of Moses. Exodus 4: 21-26 (KJV)

Exodus 18: 1 after he released Moses and his family to journey into Egypt, Jethro was so excited to see, that indeed Lord God did as he promised. Moses was with the Israelites out of Egypt, and 1 Samuel 12: 8 confirmed, Moses indeed went to Egypt and rescued the Israelites from the hand of king Pharaoh.

Do you think it was easy for a mere shepherd to take king Pharaoh head on, and rescue the Israelites from him?

Look out for Moses in Egypt.

(Images attached are for illustration purpose and I downloaded them from Google)

Lord Jesus Christ is God


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