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7 things that causes you to be cursed

1. IDOLATRY (Deut. 27:15, Ex. 20:4-5)

This consists of the whole thing that maintains Christ from being first in our hearts. Unfortunately, the Philippines is a rustic with many idols due to the fact withinside the beyond its ancestors worshiped, some thing component they have been supplied with. . . the sun, the moon, the stars, or something else that they saw. They then made those gadgets into "gods." This is how the primary curse began.

This idolatry turned into transformed into pix that represented Christ; consequently, we've come to assume that if we do not have a statue of Christ to appearance at, then He would not pay attention to us. However, Christ is non secular, with the aid of using prayer, and with out something tangible, we will set up an instantaneous reference to Him.

2. DISHONORING PARENTS (Eph. 6:1-2, Deut. 27:16, Eph. 6:13, Provo 20:20, Ex. 21:17)

This is the simplest commandment with promise. How unhappy it's miles to peer kids who verbally dishonor their parents, mouthing off, or who truly bodily mistreat them. They beat them, and that they curse them. They deal with them as though they have been simply vain vintage humans.

They inform them that they're nuisances. They see them as though they have been the most important impediment of their lives or even placed them in nursing homes.

But ask your self the subsequent questions: Who delivered you into this world? Who suffered the exertions pains of your birth? Who furnished meals for you? The answer, obviously, is your parents.

I accept as true with that we're deliberate with the aid of using God and God Himself offers us the breath of life. We do now no longer have authority to reproach our parents. Many of them have faults, however even then, we need to love them, appreciate them, and, above all, forgive them.

In order to interrupt curses we may also have incurred in dishonoring our parents, we need to ask them to forgive us and annul the ones phrases which have angry us.


There are numerous exclusive forms of sexual sin.

# Fornication: premarital sex, sodomy, pornography, lust, and lasciviousness.

# Adultery: extramarital sexual relationships.

# Homosexuality and lesbianism: guys with ladies and men with women.

This method to take benefit of the bad and weak, to scouse borrow their cash or possessions, or in any other case address them unjustly. The one that offers to the bad additionally offers to the Lord, however on the opposite hand, he who takes from the bad takes from the Lord.

To power a person to do some thing illicit (like inducing them to do pills or to emerge as concerned in prostitution) with the rationale to advantage cash brings a curse.


Abortion is a grievous sin due to the fact it's miles a homicide. It is an act perpetrated towards a person who can not shield himself. This brings a awesome curse to our lives.


We recognise that the regulation of God calls us to usually stay in holiness and with out sin. In putting our consider in someone apart from Christ, wondering that he's going to carry us out of a tough situation, brings a curse upon ourselves.

This places guy withinside the region wherein God belongs. We must usually consider in Christ. He is our foremost and simplest Helper. We should not consider in our very own strength, understanding that with out Christ not anything is possible. Everything we need to do in our very own dreams will fail.

It's like the ones individuals who visit church and placed their consider withinside the pastor, withinside the chief, or withinside the participants of the church. But they do not honestly see the Lord. They see that a person withinside the church fails at some thing, and that they right now fall farfar from the church and God as though God have been to blame.

Always cognizance your interest at the Lord due to the fact we as people usually fail, however God in no way fails. He usually is the appropriate instance.

Now if we permit ourselves be ensnared with the aid of using the dreams of the flesh or with the aid of using our feelings, we can usually fall into sin and hence open the door to Satan. These sins consist of pride, anger, revenge, evil or terrible thoughts, and terrible attitudes. If we placed our self assurance withinside the flesh, we will without problems fall into those sins.

6. TO STEAL, PERJURY, and FALSE WITNESS (Zech. 5:1-4, Mal. 3:8, Deut. 11 :26, Josh. 6:25)

Stealing is taking some thing from a person, whether or not it's miles of cost or now no longer. Before the eyes of God, that is stealing. The object may be as trivial as a pencil. For instance, at paintings, you can take workplace supplies. You assume they're surplus to the company, however honestly, you're beginning to scouse borrow.

The identical is actual while you are given an excessive amount of cash for some thing and also you do not deliver it back, however maintain it. This is stealing. When you do this, you're constructing at the curse of stealing.

One of the most important curses stems from stealing from God. He says this in His Word (Mal. 3:8-10). Tithing is the simplest component you could show God on. If you're trustworthy on this commandment, the advantages will overtake you in abundance. Giving tithes and services is a biblical command that we must in no way end doing. Of all of the matters we earn, ten percentage belongs to God.

This isn't much, in comparison to what God has given us. Let's see, what has He given us? Health, paintings, non secular and emotional stability, simply to call a few. Everything that we've we owe to God, whether or not cloth or non secular. Nothing can evaluate with what God has blessed us with. If we perform this commandment, God will bless us abundantly.

If we need the paintings of God to multiply, we should not withhold our tithes and services due to the fact there are such a lot of money owed which can be included with the aid of using them.

Now many humans assume that tithing and giving services method to present to the bad, and that they assume that that is enough. But this isn't so. We must deliver to God what's His and to "Caesar" what's "Caesar's." We can assist the bad with services, however we need to deliver God what belongs to Him. Disobedience to pleasing the tithe is going at the side of economic curse.

7. SPOKEN CURSES ON THE SERVANTS OF GOD (Heb. 13:17, Deut. 11:26)

When you riot towards the servant of God and do not post to his rightful authority, a curse can end result due to ignoring the authority that God has located withinside the church. Your non secular government have the authority to bless. In a given moment, when you have obtained poor phrases thru a curse, you must wreck the curse.

A biblical instance is Joshua after he conquered Jericho (Josh. 6:26). We see how God subsidized Joshua. What God stated might happen, occurred to the letter (1 kings 16:34).

Today, we must be greater careful. Many Christians (specifically new Christians) appearance to a few character withi

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