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Suffocate will stop Pastor Makoro to build mega church in Rhythim City

Suffocate will stop Pastor Makoro to build mega church.

Suffocate needed someone to help him with business, and his son Pule found Pastor Makoro. Pastor Makoro used to discuss his business with his PA Sonto, and Sonto helped him even to take major decision.

Makoro agreed to do business with Suffocate if it will benefit them with financial matters.

Makoro did not have a partner he met Pearl the daughter of David Gennaro at Red Hub and he fell for her. He asked her on a date so they can know each other well and intentions.

Pastor Makoro told Pearl that he likes her to be his partner and she likes him too. When pastor introduced Pearl to his PA Sonto she did not like Pearl because of her history and Sonto loves Makoro. Sonto tried to convince pastor Makoro about Pearl's history but he did not take it seriously.

Suffocate found out about Makoro Mega church and it involves bulldozing houses and businesses in Diepkloof. Khulekani decided to work with Suffocate to stop Makoro's idea of building Mega church.

Suffocate made a deal with Sonto of stopping Makoro from building the Mega Church and he will make sure that Makoro and Pearl get separated. Sonto lied to pastor that she got a dream where the mega church he build collapse. Makoro used to believed at Sonto if she dreamt something, because it always a sign.

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