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Have You Ever Heard Of The Holy Anger? Find Out What It Is

We've been taught that anger is evil and here we are talking about a holy anger; so what's the difference? One anger leads to acts of evil against humanity while the other leads to correction to save humanity.

The case of Cain and Abel in Genesis. Matthew 4:1-8 describes the type of anger that's considered a sin, it will always have a negative motive or outcome leading to works of wickedness but holy anger results to correction and restoration because it's motived by love. Just as Jesus did to merchants in the temple, parents and religious leaders must not tolerate evil in every facet of our societies. Someone said "evil thrive when good men keep silent"

In some places, anyone that speaks of evil in the land is considered an enemy but our consolation is found in Jesus whose life and ministry proved that those who speak against evil and injustice can never be loved nor accommodated in the land, they are always a threat to the selfish, greedy, authorities and governments, verse 15b says, but evil always bow to good at the end. From vs. 19, we can learn a lesson of what happens when we are angry; irreversible damage could be done.

There is much power in the spoken word, Some people who labor under courses in various places could be attributed to words of anger spoken against against them and their destinies by their parents. Christians must be mindful, and show restraint in speech when angry, Eph 4:26-27.

And again, faith remains the core of the circumference of Christianity, whatever we desire of God, what ever good we want to accomplish, whatever our hopes, plans and purposes, trusting in God's promises over those issues in the scripture, meditating over them and declaring them over our lives and circumstances, activates the heaven to release answers to us if we don't doubt.

May the rest of this month offer us answers to our expectations in dimensions unimaginable, even as we pray peace to be still over places and lands being treathened by natural disasters; in Jesus name, Amen!

The photos above were when Jesus sent the merchant and merchandise out of the temple.

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