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Opinion: Goodness of the ancestors is upon you

Don't belittle others in the process of proving that you are good!

The Goodness of the Ancestors upon you is also about understanding that other people also have the power of their own Ancestors upon them!

A lot of people have these powers, but are not aware and it's because there are no lessons regarding the topic.

People are following ancestors footprints and talk through them is a sign of having mediumship powers.because Ancestors are able to rise and talk through them. This cannot happen to everyone and its a gift. talk live and when they talk they do so to me in my mind.

However, I do have medium powers, but they are not the ones that I have described above and I want to explain the 2 so that everyone understands what mediumship powers are because not everyone with these powers of following your ancestors physically. For some people like me prophecy power in the mind or vision. 

So first of all Mediumship is the ability or a gift of communicating with the other side/Ancestry live or communicate with certain Ancestors live or instantly.

Meaning you can call a certain Ancestor and talk through you or talk to you or relay messages through you instantly.

In most cases Mediumship powers go with whistlers spirits and for your whistlers spirit to fully function you need to awaken your mediumship powers.

These powers are called uplifting your spiritual powers. meaning you have the ability or the gift of uplifting your ancestors there and then when you request them to do so.

Meaning you will do consultations where you uplifting powers of other people their Ancestors to relay messages to them.

So the gift starts with uplifting your own Ancestors and hence there are many people respect their Ancestors and talk live through them. This is the sign of the gift or ability. 

As your Ancestors are in control all the time when you follow them diligently, they are also in control of this situation and they will take you through it. You don't need to panic, but focus and make sure you understand their messages.

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