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The Holy Spirit - A Gentle Nudging and Persuasion

Romans 12.12 ....’continuing instant in prayer.’

As Believers we are to be steadfast and unwavering. We are to be determined in our purpose to have one heart and one mind - set regarding the plans and desire of God’s heart for us.

There is nothing wrong with prayer becoming a duty, in fact duty will get you to pray and the Holy Spirit will be there to welcome you into God's presence. The more we pray the more progressive prayer becomes in our lives. This means the more we are then led to pray. The progressiveness of our praying will lead to the nudging of the Holy Spirit for us to pray even more. 

It starts with the decision made to pray. For many of us have failed to recognize and be sensitive to this gentle act of persuasion by the Holy Spirit. This failure has come as a result of us not praying regularly. The result has been a neglect in our communication with the Father and what He is saying to us now.

The writer of Romans understood this well and was very much aware of how we can become insensitive to the call to Pray. The culprit that gets in the way is our daily activities. In fact we are more hard pressed to perform other duties that steers us away from prayer. It is absolutely important that we are not more into activities and in so doing, place more emphasis on the actions of the day rather that God’s leading. Over the years various activities have infiltrated the Body of Christ as cover ups which are initiated by the enemy to stop Gods’ people from praying. The enemy knows full well that if the church became more active by arming themselves in prayer and moving ahead together, more harm would be done in strategic areas of his kingdom than years before. And unless we are going to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in this regard, I am afraid that the enemy will continue to find and introduce you to every excuse that will keep you from praying night and day. If we are willing to entertain just one excuse, then the enemy has achieved his goal in keeping us away from praying.

''Continue instant in Prayer'' a decree to God's People to respond immediately to the call to pray and not stall their praying. If you say ‘ I will pray later ’ it normally never happens and the anointing that was initially present when you were being nudged and gently persuaded to hear the Lord will be lost!

Let's Pray!

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