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Meet The Prophet Who Was Eaten By Lions After Testing God

Back in Ibadan, an occurrence occurred in the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden that many people would never forget. In the year 1991, a large number of visitors traveled to the Zoo to witness the live animals. They usually visited the zoo to see the zoo's real-life lion, who lived there. Everyone went there with no other intention than to observe the Lions from a distance.

On the faithful day, a man designated as Prophet Daniel Abodunrin was also present in the zoo; however, he was there for a very different reason. He came to the zoo to demonstrate God's miracle with David in the Lion's Den. His aim was to stroll into the Lions' cage at the zoo and play with them without getting wounded, much like the legendary Daniel.

If you recall from the Bible, Daniel was thrown into the Lions' den, but he escaped alive and undamaged after God tamed and calmed the Lions. This was exactly what Prophet Daniel wanted to demonstrate to everyone that day.

Prophet Daniel approached a zoo employee and requested that the lion's cage be opened so that he may enter. The Prophet's staff protested since it was a foolish concept, yet he did not give up. Some claimed he continued to annoy them until they approved his request, while others claimed he slipped himself into the Lions' cage.

People came to watch this prophet perform his miracle as he walked inside the Lions' cage. The Prophet donned a scarlet robe and held his Bible, and he began reciting various Bible verses and speaking in tongues. He kept calling on Daniel's God to come and accomplish the miracle, and he kept calling on Jehovah in the Lion's Den.

The Lions initially moved to a corner of their cage, but the Prophet assumed his prayers and faith were at work. He stepped closer to the Lions, and in the blink of an eye, the Lions attacked him while the crowd looked on. The Prophet struggled for his life, but he was unable to tackle the Lions, he was torn apart and eaten by the Lions. That is how the Prophet died, and his remains were later interred.

Many people thought the Prophet made a mistake by challenging God, while others thought the Lions were possessed. Even now, the people who witnessed the tragic sight recall the sorrowful incident.

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