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Pastors seen doing the unthinkable of church members have left Mzansi gobsmacked, see photos

(Source: - @phalanndwa6)

Religion is a tough topic to unpack within this world, due to different belief systems. The moment you start talking about religion many people’s feelings become hurt as they’re attached to what they believe in and they don’t want to hear different perspectives. It’s crazy because there are individuals that ask questions as the answers. Remember there are no dumb questions, all they need is a simplified answer. Let’s face it many societies are filled with so-called pastors that are into ministries for financial gains and even popularity.

Sadly, not many churchgoers can call out their pastors when they get up to no good. As they’re regarded as holy people who can do no wrong and if you try to expose them then their followers will intimidate you. Backing down shouldn’t be an option for anyone that feels their pastor hasn’t lived up to the rules and regulations of their church. Also, pastors are normal people the only difference between them and church members is that they’re in power. Unfortunately, not every pastor uses their power wisely as they want to be worshiped for doing horrible things to the members of their church.

Now, on social media, there have been different pictures showing pastors doing shocking things in the name of their calling and helping others in need. One of the pictures shows a lady lying on the floor with a massive speaker on top of her. Not only that but a pastor was seen sitting on the speaker too as he had his microphone on his hand demonstrating his so-called healing to the lady. This has led a Twitter user @phalanndwa6 to state that he will not tolerate his family members if they attend certain churches that practice unholy rituals and he will deal with the f*ke pastor too. “If any of my family members do this nonsense, I’ll moer them together with the pastor. Doti,” said @phalanndwa6 on his Twitter account. 

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Date: 19/10/2021

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