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After exposing the deepest secrets of a famous bishop in #Amabishop, Nimrod Nkosi left SA impressed.

Many viewers are perplexed as to why Bishop Julius is still on the show following the conclusion of the most recent episode. This pastor is no stranger to controversy. We were able to notice him concealing something the last time he was in town. In the way he was justifying the actions of corrupt pastors. When it comes to pastors, Bishop Julius always has their backs, claiming that they, too, are victims. 

It's a shame they picked the incorrect guest speakers for such an intriguing subject. A gangster on the rope, Bishop Julius, and the women pastors are defending their own reputations as women pastors in the process. The church, according to Julius, has been abusing Palesa; thus, Palesa must return and provide his data. 

The live broadcast of the #AmaBishop exposé. At the same time, Palesa was dishing out the dirt. Despite Bishop's best efforts, Palesa ended up exposing him. With his snarky remarks about Palesa, Julius accidentally shot himself in the foot, and now he's beginning to regret it. #Amabishop #AmaBishop you can tell a sham from a truth. The pastor, dressed in a scarlet robe and wearing an odd set of rings. A pastor should have shed more light on the spirituality of what Palesa was saying in #Amabishop and not reduced it to a lifestyle, in my opinion. He ought to have said anything about it and made Palesa look like she's trying to get attention! Until they find all the files, black twitter is going to keep looking. 

There is still a lot of work to be done and Palesa can't leave us in the lurch. People are curious. find out more about Bishop Julius Because he didn't believe the woman had been mistreated, Nimrod took the side of his Bishop friend Julius. 

Homophobia is always prevalent when Christians address homosexuality. The terrible part is that these folks have been misled and now stand up for those who do bad things. The criminals' families and friends, Kodwa lutho uncedo, are contacted by the victims, who seek help and continue to do so. Oh, how I hate to say this. 

There has always been a tendency for religious institutions to abuse their influence. Priests who abuse children are as prevalent as those who lead charismatic churches. They're all in it for the money and power. Having a speed-dial to God has nothing to do with it. When you're open to expanding your spiritual and worldviews, Amabishop is a great resource. The earth is purifying and boosting its frequency. Isn't it wonderful to be alive at this moment in time? Look and you will find. Actually, this church's initiation procedure appears to include committing sexual acts. 

In order to "prove" that she was Mamfundisi, some members of the church would have her preach unprepared. A preacher married to a female would not be subjected to such treatment.


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