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Congregants of Unity Fellowship demand justice for Pastor Mukhuba

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Congregants have taken to social media to lay their disgruntlements on the injustice that Pastor Mukhuba has been facing from February 2021. According to the congregants, this pastor is now on trial for opening her congregation doors to the public at a time where people were depressed and hopeless. The question posed by the activists on social media, especially Twitter, is why she's facing trial when there are other cooperations that don't even adhere to the regulations but get off scott free. As for the police using their power to brutalize and shoot at congregants, it puts out a question on why the so called protectors of the citizens would shoot at an unarmed woman and in the presence of children!

The below picture was taken @PastorMukhuba's church. She follows Covid-19 regulations than most institutions I know. Then why is she standing on trial today?Stop harassing women and let there be #justiceforPastorMukhuba. All she wants to do is pray and help people =>

In SA many people who suffers the police brutality and persecutions are the good people. The real criminals are free in the streets causing more damages without experiencing the roughness of the law. Injustice must come to a "STOP" #justiceforPastorMukhuba =>

As they lie to you today claiming to care about women, ask them if they did anything about the shooting of unarmed women and children at Pastor Mukhuba’s church on 28/02/2021. =>

So many politicians and those close to power have contravened Lockdown regulations. Nothing is said and done about them. We can’t keep quiet when justice is not blind and the law is applied selectively. There must be #justiceforPastorMukhuba !!!!

This cannot be normal 💔💔💔💔. South Africa needs prayers! Pastor Mukhuba arrested and still standing on trial since February just because she opened church doors for depressed, sick and troubled people to receive comfort from God😭 #justiceforPastorMukhuba @David_Makhura =>

Although the congregants are steadfast in their fight, some people have called them gullible for just blindly supporting their pastor since she supposedly did break the law! Her supporters have called Ramaphosa administration anti-church and pro-satan!

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