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The Man Reveals That With The Dead Man Water Muthi, It Gives Endless Power. Details.

Reputable source link A DEAD MAN’S WATER USED FOR ‘UKUTHWALA’ (

THE WATER dribbling from bodies in the morgue has set web-based media ablaze.

What's more, a man named Dr Strange on Twitter said this water holds the ability to control individuals' longings.


Dr Strange proceeded to say that it likewise holds the ability to totally have individuals go into a profound rest, and the casualty will not hear anything and holds the ability to totally mesmerize and indoctrinate them to do whatever the individual needs them to do.

"It holds the influence to obliterate families, make you rich. A few ministers likewise utilize this water to make them strong, and tsotsis utilize this to make you fall into a profound rest so they can take everything in your home," asserted Dr Strange.

Day by day Sun addressed izangoma who affirmed that this was valid and utilized by counterfeit prophets and underhanded individuals and not by veritable izangoma or gobelas.

"Certain individuals utilize this water for ukuthwala, particularly when joined with cinders from an incinerated body," gogo Thembikile Mahlalentabeni told Daily Sun.

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"Be that as it may, they don't simply utilize any incinerated body. They utilize the remains of rich individuals to make themselves rich."

She likewise said some utilization this water with cemetery soil from the graves of family adversaries.

"I am aware of a portion of these things since I've been a sangoma for a long time. "I don't need SunReaders calling me, requesting that I do these abominable things," said Mahlalentabebi.

Gobela Joseph Dungamanzi said he knew about these and knew somebody who said the circumstance at his home changed due to the water.

"He utilized this water and burial ground soil of a rich and this brought about relative his extraordinary to improve things," he said.

Dungamanzi said he once in a while got calls from individuals inquiring as to whether he could assist with this.

He asked certain individuals how they got this water, and they let him know that they got it from individuals who worked at funeral homes.

"It's abhorrent for to me. I simply feel like it's something no sangoma ought to do," said Dungamanzi.

Moses Sydney on Twitter said he knew about a rich relative's result of this water.

"He's even backed away from the family since he is rich. I recall that he needed to include my mum, yet she rejected," said Moses.

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