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Type of spirits that they represent the candles

I want to share a post of candle Colors and the type of spirits that they represent according to how I have used them in my prayer sessions. 

They are aligned to Ancestral Spirits who are connected to the element of fire (ancestorsfire) who are mostly responsible for protecting us and responsible for our spiritual energy . 

Spiritual gifted also love candles very much and are quick to come when you light candles up. They are usually the one to arrive first when you light them up. 

When I first started using candles I didn't know much about them, save for some info on the internet. So I said a prayer and asked God and the ancestors to teach me something about the candles and the lessons came.

This is some of what they taught me and I hope it helps someone.spiritual gifted people must normalizes using spiritual candles to be well at their spiritual guides.

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