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Bible Passage That Disproves The Popular Teaching That Abraham Paid Tithe To Melchizedek

Before we go into the debate, let's define the term "tithes." As we do so, we'll compare the term to Abraham's actions. This will allow us to determine whether he paid tithe to Melchizedek or not.

So, to save time, Advanced Learners Dictionary defines tithes as "a tenth of the commodities that someone created or the money that they earned, paid as a tax to support the Church." The emphasis is will be on the two phrases "someone produced" and "money obtained".

In terms of the definition, the question is whether Abraham earned such spoils. Why didn't he take them to his residence if he earned them? Instead, he took 10% and handed it to the high priest, as well as a little portion to his warriors who supported him in the conquest. He urged the king of Sodom to take the rest home with him because it belonged to his people.

So, if the definition we have and the Bible account are to be believed, Abraham did not pay tithing. If what Abraham paid to Melchizedek came from his herds or harvests, it would be called tithe. Instead, nothing was written about the high priest receiving anything from his growth.

Of course, we are all familiar with the story; if you are unfamiliar, read Genesis 14. If you carefully read the paragraph, you will notice that no rationale is offered as to why Abraham made that sacrifice. It is not a religious requirement. As a result, it boggles my mind why some individuals interpret his actions as having meaning.

Abraham did not provide those gifts in accordance with the Torah, nor did he do it in order to be blessed. Any constructive critique is appreciated. You can also express your thoughts on the subject. It would be a good idea to share the article with more people. Let's talk about it and get the word out about the truth in this article.

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Abraham Paid Advanced Learners Dictionary


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