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What Is Your RSVP (Response) To Jesus' Invitation To The Kingdom Of Heaven?

What exactly is R.S.V.P.? Respondez S'il Vous Plait is a French phrase that translates as "please respond." When you see the letters R.S.V.P. on an invitation card or in a letter that you have received, it means that you have agreed to respond to that invitation. Although we often refer to it as "rice and stew in abundance," this is not the intended meaning.

Most of the time, we forget that when we receive an invitation, it signifies that the host values our presence and considers us to be important. We often fail to show respect, just as the people in our text did when they refused to inform the Host that they would not be attending the banquette until He sent His servants to go and inform them that the banquette was ready for their arrival.

What a disappointment that it was only at that point that the guests began to make excuses, which led to the invitation being extended to everyone on the street, including those who are deformed or physically challenged, as well as those who are healthy. Additionally, by RSVPing, the Chief host will conduct a head count of the guests who have been invited on the day of the ceremony.

It is naive to believe that God is unfamiliar with your situation. For your information, books have been opened for the purpose of keeping a daily record of your activities on earth, which will be filed under your name. Man will be cast into the lake of fire if his or her name is not found in the Book of Life, which will be revealed at the judgment ( Rev 20 v 15).

What is the likelihood that your name will appear in the Book of Life? In the event that you have not been responding to invitations, please begin responding to invitations after reading this explanation. For one thing, for someone to spend money, time, and energy to prepare a meal for you and you are a snob, that person is not good.

Most importantly, Jesus Christ has made the ultimate sacrifice and has spent 33 and a half years on this planet as a result of your actions. Before He left for heaven, He told you that He is going to prepare a place for you where you will spend eternity ( John 14 v 1 - 3). Why then should you give excuse not to accept the free offer of salvation given to you without a cost?

All those things men use as a excuse for not being born again, buying piece of land, five yoke of oxen and newly married were given to them by God. He knows you have them before inviting you to serve Him or to go and preach His word. The invitation to the kingdom of God is no longer to the Jews but to everyone on the streets and high ways, including you. Will you respond now before He takes a final decision to exclude you?

Make haste before the time is over.

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Jesus' R.S.V.P. S'il Vous Plait


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