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Prayer: Father, Set The Church On Fire And Let There Be A Hunger For Revival In Every Worshipper

"And the apostles bore witness to the Lord Jesus' resurrection with great strength, and great grace was upon them all." Acts 4:33 

Read: Acts 5:10-14

God has high hopes for His church. His objective is for the church to be recognized by her firepower. He wants His divine fire to burn brightly in the church. When this occurs, satanic agents will be unable to work within or around the 'called out' assembly. At all times, there must be fire on the prayer altar. Agents of evil should not be able to carry out their nefarious acts in the presence of the church. Unfortunately, many religions allow witches and wizards to sit comfortably. Because there is no fire in the assembly, they are at rest. We've had enough of lukewarm Christianity; it's time to reignite the flame.

"Then the Lord's fire fell, devouring the burnt offering, as well as the wood, stones, and dust, and licking up the water in the trench." 1 Kings 18:38

A few years ago, an incident occurred at our Church's headquarters. It was re-enacted anything similar to what happened in the preceding passage. An invitation to the annual convention was extended to a lady. The Holy Spirit was powerfully present, and the fire was so intense that she bolted from the church. "Please, help me pick up my suitcase, I have to go back home now," she cried out from afar. The woman who had invited her to church came out to inquire as to why she wanted to leave the service in the middle; she insisted on going home and would not return to the church hall.

"I'm sorry; I can't tolerate the flames in there," the companion responded after additional interrogation. It's too much for me to bear the fire that's raging within the church." Strangely enough, a stranger could testify to the presence of heavenly fire during the service. It is my hope to see such days again so that agents of darkness would no longer feel at ease in the church.

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