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How do I connect with the ancestors?

How do I get along with my ancestors?

This is especially important in times of grief and loss, but ancestors are also important in the dharmic way. Most people are unaware of the support of the Spirit and the ancestors they can provide during life's challenges and the clarity of the way of life. We often forget that good ancestors are here to help and guide us.

When a loved one is converted to the Spirit, they are available to support us in ways that would not have been possible had they been in human form.

Often, however, we attach our experiences to our relationships with our ancestors. Because of anger, the challenges, the difficult parts of that strong relationship, we can resist communicating with this person even when he or she travels to the spirit world. An important part of the journey of grief is in fact- identifying and respecting one's feelings, while making room for the arrival of something new. In this process of releasing unwavering emotions, new relationships can be formed with the Spirit.

-Resisting and suppressing these unwavering emotions is an inevitable part of the relationship, which will keep you from communicating with your ancestors.

-This is one of the main reasons why so many people feel that they have no contact with their ancestors. Resisting or preventing grief, challenging emotions, painful memories, wounds and genetic damage, can lead to isolation and the avoidance of ancestral communication. This is a powerful reason to take care of your pain and use it as a healing tool.

When we respect our emotional bodies - all - we also respect our personality. Cleansing, releasing and absorbing the feelings, emotions and sorrows that come with the ground of relationships, also helps to create a new environment. If the body is shut down due to grief and unwanted feelings, then there will be no room for anything else.

Releasing grief allows new life to go on, and greater strength to come. Cleansing the grief of the body, allows the realm of the Spirit to come, and also supports the ability to build relationships with ancestors. When we lose contact with our ancestors, we lose the yarn of the dharma, the legacy and the powerful tools that make up the family fabric.

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