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Prayer Request: Father, I Ask That You May Help Me Broaden My Perspective

God desires for you to have a full and happy life. He wants you to fully feel the earth and His goodness wherever you go.

It's simple for people to go into a rut, consistently doing the same thing in the same way, but when you make room in your life for new people, new experiences, and new ideas, God can reveal Himself to you and operate in unexpected ways in your life. When you push yourself, you improve your skills and your ability to have an impact on the world.

Make the choice to try something new this week. After work, take an alternative path home. Be receptive to new people who might not always act or look like you. God can guide you and help you see farther. Seek out fresh chances to develop and expand yourself so you can lead the abundant life the Lord has planned for you. After all, the entire earth belongs to the Lord.

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