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3 Reasons Why Wiseman Daniel Is Right To Quit SCOAN To Establish His Separate Ministry

3 Reasons Why Wiseman Daniel Is Right To Quit SCOAN To Establish His Separate Ministry


Because of the death of its founder, Late Prophet TB Joshua, the Synagogue Church of All Nations has been embroiled in a power struggle. This is no longer a breaking news story.

The fact that Wiseman Daniel, one of the late Prophet's few remaining students, left during the period when his master was still alive is also not a new development.

Wiseman Daniel left SCOAN and established his own ministry, which he called Elohim.

Even though the church he created is still in its early stages, a large number of individuals are already attending services on Sundays.

However, in this essay, we will look at some of the reasons why Wiseman Daniel made the right decision in forming his own ministry rather than continuing with SCOAN, and we will discuss them in detail.

The crisis that shook the church following the death of late prophet TB Joshua was lessened in part because of his departure from the SCOAN a few years ago, which has served to keep him out of the spotlight.

2. Wiseman took the initiative and established his own ministry. Daniel has demonstrated that he is a fruitful tree by bearing fruit. As previously indicated, Daniel has not caged himself in the aim of remaining at SCOAN for any longer than is absolutely required; rather, he has chosen to go onward.

The fact that Wiseman Daniel is already a well-known figure both within and outside of Nigeria is another factor in my opinion that he made the best selection possible. He is no longer required to establish a reputation for himself.

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