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The famous prophet drops another shaking revelation about the masks

Shona Ferguson, who made his breakthrough in July, tragically succumbed to COVID-19-related complications in July. It appears that Lihle Rhadebe, also known as the "famous prophet," will never look back. He has amassed a large following for his spiritual content and revelations on issues affecting South Africa and the rest of the world.

People initially questioned him, but later realized that he was truly assisting them spiritually and began to follow him on his Twitter account, which he has now shut down. Currently, the famed prophet has over 127,000 followers on Twitter. Number of people have revealed that he has truly assisted them with a number of spiritual activities that they were not previously aware of.

The well-known prophet continues to provide daily updates on his Twitter account, which include spiritual topics, visions, and revelations about what is likely to happen in the country in the near future. The prophet is well-known for prophesying the deaths of well-known persons as well as revealing people's bad deeds and rituals that they carry out in the shadows of society.

The famous prophet does it again, he published on his Twitter account yesterday revealing that masks are control system to take charge of people. The famous prophet is literally saying that the masks are taking away people freedom of speech since they must carry it wherever they go.

However according to my opinion I disagree with the last prophet due to the fact that the mask that people have been asked are really assisting in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. If people stopped wearing the mask, the virus wheel speed quickly and more people will die. Even though it is difficult people should continue according to my opinion to wear the mask to stop the spread of the virus so that we could go back to our normal daily lives.

What are your thoughts on the famous prophet revelation regarding the masks? Drop your comments below.

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