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Watch : The New pastor of KKC, See Below

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Apparently it looks as if this is probably the stop of Kwamashu township as all of us understand that they've brought the brand new pastor of Kwamashu Kingdom Church, this occurred after the previous pastor Qhabanga Khumalo determined out that his spouse and son had been killed and buried in the church.

You will don't forget that there has been no church in Kwamashu till Mamlambo prepared a in the future provider in which they determined out that Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo is the only who sold KKC.

Apparently you'll don't forget that the brand new pastor performs the person of Mandlakhe in Rhythm City on etv, but all of us can see that it looks as if he'll extrade Kwamashu township as a result he's introducing a few initiatives in order that humans may have jobs.

It looks as if KKC gets again to ordinary however there's Mbatha on the opposite aspect who desires to be the pastor, he become now no longer satisfied to pay attention that Menzi Biyela is the widely known pastor in Kwamashu.

Apparently it looks as if the church individuals of KKC are very satisfied to have a brand new pastorLeave your feedback please



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