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The First Mosque In Africa, Oldest And Why It Was Named After A Christian.

Negash has a mosque built by Muslim refugees fleeing persecution in Mecca in the seventh century AD, and it is a popular tourist destination in Ethiopia. It is a historic small town in Ethiopia's northwestern region, and it is home to the continent's first mosque.

Its historical significance as Africa's first mosque is enough to make it a national treasure and a popular tourist attraction, but what makes it even more remarkable is the unique story of love, unity, and loyalty that it is linked to.

Because the people of Mecca were idol worshipers, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his followers faced many challenges in the early years of Islam, and the mosque is notable for its long history of peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians. People in Mecca were hostile to Prophet Mohammed's beliefs and philosophy, and he and his few followers were persecuted as a result.

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) needed to think about how he could defend his followers, so he sought refuge in the Christian Kingdom of Aksum in what is now Ethiopia's Abyssinia region. According to Prophet Muhammad, the domain of a king who "does not wrong anyone."

According to Ibn Ishaq's Sira, "When the Prophet Mohammed realized he wouldn't be able to protect his followers from the attacks, he instructed them to evacuate to Habesha, where a Christian prince resided."

" In his dominion, there is justice. The land of actuality is Habesha. So, go there until, with Allah's help, we win."

Negash Amedin Mesgid, the Abyssinian king, welcomed Prophet Mohammed's disciples as his own. Despite attempts by Mecca's Quraysh residents to bribe and persuade him to hand over the disciples, he refused and vowed to defend them.

It was here that the first Muslim colony was established, as well as the peaceful cohabitation of Muslims and Christians. When the followers of Prophet Mohammed needed a place of worship, they built the Al Nejashi mosque, which was named after Saudi Arabia's King (Negash Amedin Mesgid). The mosque is claimed to be Africa's first and one of the world's oldest mosques.

It has historical significance in Islam. Because it is commonly regarded as the second most important location for Islamic prayer and the site of Islam's first hijra, it serves as a reminder of the early Muslims' welcoming greeting (migration).

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