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OPINION |Here is what witches do when they do not want you to dream about them

Here is what witches do when they do not want uiu to dream about them .

But that which is not hidden forever ends up appearing to us who is bewitching you.

People who practice witchcraft have their own evil way of bewitching you and then they end up covering themselves and bathing in the names of people.

If you are a worshiper they protect themselves from the brothers as if you are a witch by your brother and no the enemy uses the dignity of a brother.

If you can really look at dreams then you can say your brother is the one who is bewitching but no there is just an enemy among you we want to confuse you.

But if you are a person who goes to spy on a Sangoma you must come and explain this dream to him and then you will find out if he is already a witch or there is an enemy who thinks we know better as he is a witch and covers himself with people.

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