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The Bible verse that sends Fear Among Christians and why Preachers try to Avoid it

Two distinct things perusing the good book and understanding it. You can read the holy book, but you can't. Many read the book the way writers read their novels or rather story books. Its important aspect is to read the good book, to ask the Holy Soul to learn more deeply and to choose the right choice as a Christian. 

The section which was so hard to perceive is found in the book of Apocalypse. In any case, since it was named as compromising, the Book of Revelation is usually kept away from certain ministers. The various dangers from Part One to the last made it numerous to be shy of understanding. Let us, for instance, separate this stanza and then examine it: 

Revelation 20 refrain 15, "If no one was found written in the life book, he was thrown into the pool of fire." Verse 16 says it's the following death. There is therefore a book which contains the names of Christians who were upright and heavenly. When Christina disappears from trust, the name is removed from the book of life and later written in the book of the name.

It's the saddest thing that a Christian has a name written in the Death Book. Most Christians are usually busy every day with service chips. Go out and spread the gospel in every house. In any event, the mystery sins execute many Christians and it is likely that they have a purpose of neglecting to see paradise. Unless you're brought back to life, you can't see paradise.

Gospel ministers and pastors will try to stay strategically distant from this stance, but the truth remains. Those whose names are not written in the book of life will have a segment in hellfire with the Antichrist. The scriptural book depicts the spot as copying with fire and sulfur. The endurance in this place is constant. Which means that after 1000 years the endless time has not started at that point. Whatever it is, we still have a chance to get ready to see paradise for what reason individuals should plan to go there. There is a chance, a window or rather a time frame to plan for the Messiah's happening. Jesus Christ is coming, and only the blessed will come.

All in all, genuine Christians will try to make all people happy and be celestial. In addition, they're going to escape sin. You will escape robbery, criticize, murder, mockery, pride, defilement, and any other kind of hypocrisy that might remind the book of death of your name. In any event, let us plan the Lord's event.

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