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Opinion - To date the Bible is the only book I know which talks about God

16 MAY 2022.

BY Alupheli....

To date the Bible is only book I know which talk about God who pre existed before creation. Christianity give clear plan about life to eternity. Most gods are created either in the mind of worshipers or are from created things and there is silence about eternity from them. Believers of other religions seem to be worried and sometimes angry about Christians not believing what they believe.

Is it painful to believe what they believe alone without Christians? If so how can we help you? Why they seem restless like they suffer from guilty conscious? I do not understand what make them worried for believing what they believe alone without Christians. Why it is very difficult for them to leave Christians alone and mind their busuness? If Christians are misled by Christianity it should be the Christians' problem. Nevertheless to our surprise it borders them.

We do not believe in their beliefs because they are unbelievable to us not because we look down to them as believers. Even their beliefs do not make sense to us but we do not say it instead we keep it to ourselves because we do not care what they choose to believe. When we preach our religion we preach it gracefully. It only make sense to them. It is not our mistake that their beliefs are unbelievable to us. If Bible do not make sense to them it is non of our problem you are not forced by anyone of us to believe it. We do not even care what you think of it because we do not need validation from anyone but all we need is sound spiritual answers.

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