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Five (5) Clear signs that God is calling your Name

 these signs show at God is calling you, and that's because God wants you to use them in different ways for his glory and also as a blessing to others in his vineyard I share some signs with you that will help you see whether God is calling you. 




 Here are five signs that God is calling you. 


 1. When you develop a strong desire for God and His work. 

 Having an intense need in the form of hunger and thirst, to know God more than any other Christian, and also to be effective in his work, is a sign that God is calling you. These types of hunger and thirst run so deep that you can sacrifice your time and resources just to know and please God. 


 2. When you supernaturally begin to receive the call. 


 Another sign to look out for is as you begin to receive God's call in supernatural ways, such as the prophetic confirmation of a man of God or a servant of God who serves in the spirit of prophecies such as Paul and Barnabas were called. it was by the Spirit of God in the church at Antioch durn the believers were in fellowship before the Lord. You may also be called in a dream or during your personal Bible study, and a scripture passage may come up or catch your attention and tell more about your calling. 


 3. As you begin to see the manifestation of spiritual gifts more often in your life. 

 The most common manifestation of God's gifts in your life is also one of the signs that God is calling you. They can work in the gifts of discernment, prophecy, the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, healing, and miracles. It will not work more often on an ordinary Christian. 


 4. If you always have a strong desire to serve God. 

 Having a strong desire to serve God more than others and always being ready to go the extra mile for God is also a sign that God is calling you, and that desire always makes you available for God's work when it is necessary even if it is is not convenient. 


 5. When you start receiving affirmations from others. 


 One of the signs that God is calling you is when Spirit-filled believers and men of God encourage you to respond to God's call in your life by advising you to attend Bible school or to submit to God for him can use to his credit. Sometimes people around them can let them know that something in them tells them that it is suitable for the ministry.

Type Amen.

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