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Spiritual person acknowledge when dreaming of deceased person

"I dream of people who are deceased telling me they are not dead/they are still alive"

"I dream of deceased people crying,sad,in the mountain,in the forests,wondering around aimlessly"

There are people who, when they pass away, do not enter the spirit world because of witchcraft or because of the people's actions while they were still alive.

When one gets these dreams it means that the dreamer has an ability to help those people fully integrate into the spirit world.

This is called mediumship and it is a gift of it's own, not linked to an ancestral calling. It is a gift from the universe.

If you get these dreams and have trouble telling the deceased's family or have no idea who the deceased person is and who their family is, get a white candle.

Light the candle, be ina very calm and meditative space. Ask the spirit of the person to come forward and step into the light provided by the candle.

Mention their name if you know the person. Pray and ask for forgiveness for the person's transgressions while they were still alive,ask for their soul to be released from darkness.

Pray very hard,in a very heartfelt manner and ask the person to go to their forever home in the spirit world,to join their ancestors.

Leave the candle burning until it completely burns out. The dreams afterwards will indicate if the person did indeed go home and the dreams will be very clear and will leave no room for questions.

Failure to help the person may lead to persistent headaches, neck pain,ear pains, throat pain and random,unexplained crying spells and sadness.

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