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Pastor Chris Says he Couldn't Preach When he Wore Glasses and Chains|See why Here

The Nigerian TV minister and Leader of Adoration World Fused, otherwise called Christ Consulate Global Service, Minister Chris Oyakhilome uncovered why he quit wearing chains and dim glasses. 

"I was lecturing one day and I had a chain on my wrist. In some cases I used to utilize things like that. So I was wearing the chain I've utilized so often on the grounds that I had it for long, yet when I was lecturing on Sunday morning, abruptly I just couldn't lecture. 

The sale couldn't simply stream and I was pondering, "What's wrong?" I was all the while attempting to lecture individuals however it was hard and I was battling with the Blessed Apparition, and the Soul of God addressed me and said, "Remove that chain" and I said, "Goodness, is that the issue?" 

Then, at that point I advised the assembly to shut their eyes and implore. They all shut their eyes and I turned and removed the chains, I put it in my pocket. Then, at that point, the closeout just returned and I felt like an alternate individual from that second, yet I've never lectured that individuals shouldn't wear chains. 

The Soul of God drives us, that is the reason he advised me to dispose of that chain. I used to wear dull glasses. I actually have a portion of those photos yet it got broken in a steady progression. There was a period I was with a sibling and the enhanced one I just purchased tumbled down and broke, the sibling said, "God has broken your glasses." When I heard that, I realized that was God addressing me. That was the last time I wore dim glasses. I didn't utilize them any longer. 

I'm attempting to disclose to you that, when you become a Priest of the Gospel you have another duty. Do you realize what is called love slave? You're an adoration slave to Jesus Christ. You have sees however you can't air them. He in a real sense runs your life since you've yielded your everything to him. There are places I need to go however I can't go, not on the grounds that I would prefer not to go there, yet I used to tell individuals my supervisor may not allow me, yet you see, we are not all full grown to that level."

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