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Important Lessons We Need To Learn From Our Downfalls


 Life is about learning every day. In our daily experiences, we tend to learn and grow from our mistakes. The good news is that God is always there to guide us when we fall into mistakes or evil traps.

 Because our God is so merciful, He is there to catch us when we fall, when we learn his ways. 


 "You can learn from your falls ... There is much to be learned from falls and a certain number of falls are expected." 



 Learning Process 


 As we begin our journey with the Lord, we must experience a process of learning and unlearn, and during this process, the Lord is always with us to guide us and protect us from falling. 


 “If we learn the new way of walking in the Lord, we will make mistakes. The Bible says in Isaiah chapter 1 that we have to learn to do good, it is a learning process. You don't know everything about it, you have to unlearn a lot of mistakes so that you can learn on the go. ”


 Doug shared the customs of the eagles back then. Newborn eagles must learn to fly on their own. However, their parents are always by their side to carry them on their wings when they lose control. 


 Just as eagles carry babies on their wings, God will carry us on His wings when we fall. This is not an excuse for sin, but an emphasis on grace and love. 


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Type Amen and receive the grace of God.

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