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In Secret - In A Secret Place

Be careful there are many in the body busy with ‘works’ and really have no time for God. The emptiness that they feel is reason enough they feel this way. The more they do the more they feel they are going nowhere. The leader who does not pray cannot be effective for God. It is saddening how open and candid we are about not spending time with God. It is spoken of with so little regret. If there is any regret then there must be a great deal of conviction to make right. May God help us, in this great task ahead. Every word that we speak, every place we go must be God inspired. It calls for a close walk with God especially if you are a leader.

The Church must agree, they must Unite to experience the Oil of the Lord that flows with the Anointing to Heal a Land. All through His Word God works with His People. The Hills, Valleys and Mountains belong to Him. Humble Yourselves and Seek His Face! We must Pray!

God will Reveal His Plan to His People when they are Ready! This is about God's Will not ours. Heaven to earth Prayers! 

Use this opportunity to be with God - One on one. This is the Closet Experience - This is Revelation, A Period between God and You. In our Praying, in the secret place shall God reveal his secrets.

We must learn to take God Seriously - Take Prayer Serious!

Let's Pray!

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