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Opinion: Spiritual journey is walking alone journey

A spiritual journey is sacred and walking in one is a different experience but is often sad to hear people misunderstand that journey. 

* Relationship : I have heard people say that you can't have a relationship because you a have gift . That is not true.

yes there are stages of your journey and gift that may require you to be alone but normally before you go for initiations you may find ancestors not wanting a person to be in a relationship.

Because relationship are require attention and can distract from what your ancestors want you to achieve .

Secondly after initiation you are likely to a new person and you will be different per than you were before the process.

But it doesn't mean you are destined to be alone, if your ancestors are capable of unlocking your gift then they must able to help you and guide you to the right person who will accept you and your gift .

if they can't do that something is very wrong , imagine as healer you will have to fix marriages and relationships but you can't help yourself or be able to get a good person to share your life with🤔.

Ask your ancestors to help you and guide you to the right person , don't assume because you are met the wrong people before and they break your heart. its because of your gift , no! no!! , it is because of u have the wrong people in the past .

Invite your ancestors in your personal life so they can better guide you. No one is meant to be hurt , lied to and alone because of a gift . Use your gift to navigate your life , a gift is blessing not a curse don't let your experiences turn spirituality life upside down. 

* On school - just because you have spiritual gift doesn't mean u should blame every challenge that you face in school on your gift.if you struggle in school with concentration, headaches even not feeling like going to school seek help.

many children use to initiates and having a gift as excuse to stop going to school. Consult ,stop self diagnosis and stay in school that is what will help you the most in your life.

A good healer can be able to appease ancestors so that u are allowed to study further, school is important, stop taking shortcuts in your life . school is important .

I have many kids who want to leave school for no reason , using a gift as an excuse.

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