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PRAYER: Lord, Assist Me In Discovering, Accepting, And Walking In Accordance With Your Intentions

"Let them walk only as the Lord has allocated to them, as God has called them in this manner" (1 Cor. 7:17).

Human nature is insatiable at all times. Humans have always had a strong drive to have more, become more, attain more, gain more, and so on. In fact, as this insatiable drive progressed, not only did humans seek more, but they also came to covet what was not theirs.

People nowadays spend a lot of time, effort, and even unhealthy means obsessing over what belongs to others. Many have even gone so far as to abandon their own visions, talents, callings, and so on in favor of others'. Some people have mistook their obsessions for divine guidance. However, we must recognize that God - the creator - does not act solely for the sake of acting. He can't make a person without a well-thought-out plan and purpose in mind. He has devised a suitable/ideal plan for each and every person on the planet.

As a result, it is in everyone's best interests to live within the bounds of God's designs for their lives. "Only as the Lord has allotted to each one, as God has called each, in this manner let him walk," Paul taught members of the Corinthian churches. Paul's advice is still relevant today.

Today, take a look at yourself. Are you certain you're at the right place where God wants you to be? Are you following God's plan for your life? If you're unsure, pray and seek His guidance.

CONTROLLING THOUGHT: God cannot create a person without a predetermined/designed plan and purpose.

PRAYER: Lord, assist me in discovering, accepting, and walking in accordance with your intentions for my life. Amen.

Say the above prayer with Faith, hope and trust in the Lord and wait for him in action solving your problems. Remember, prayer is a way to communicate with the Lord.

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