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Prayer: Father, I Renounce And Annul Every Satanic Protocol In My Life


God has promised, with his right hand and his mighty arm: "I will never again allow your grain to be used as food for enemies, and foreigners will not be permitted to drink your wine, which you have worked so hard to produce." Isaiah 62:8

The Prophet of God declares that all evildoers who are waiting to frustrate you will be brought to justice.

Every hour of your labor will not be in vain, in the mighty name of Jesus.

With this program, you will be able to transcend limitations and become unstoppable.

To every power and authority poised to wage war against you and your family in the name of Jesus, God will raise a standard against them in Jesus' victorious name.

Isaiah 66: "You shall see, and your heart shall rejoice; your bones shall blossom as the grass; and it shall be known that the Lord's hand is with his servants, and his wrath is against his adversaries." 

All that you possess will be perfected while God's hands are upon it.

Everyone who has been an enemy of your life will be judged starting from this moment, and you will rejoice.

As a result of the Apostolic mandate, I declare that God will bring all of your enemies to their knees before you, and that He will not allow you to suffer at the hands of your enemies.

Prayer points:

The enemy has been defeated in the name of Jesus, so Father, thank you for your provision.

I declare in Jesus' victorious name that every evil agenda over my life and household has been annihilated, and that no evil that could have prevailed before now will succeed now.

Father, I hereby cancel any and all evil meetings that have been scheduled for my benefit or the benefit of my household, and I command the Holy Ghost to descend upon every location where they have planned meetings in the name of Jesus Christ, who has conquered the world.

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