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PRAYER: Lord, Help Me To Be Transformed To Your Likeness

To transfigure, or to undergo a radical alteration in appearance, is to transform. Its meaning is same to that of the I term metamorphosis, which describes an inner transformation that ultimately shows itself externally. There is no such thing as a "automatic" spiritual metamorphosis; rather, it requires a deliberate choice on the part of the person over to collaborate with the Holy Spirit, who is the divine agent of spiritual transformation.

Conformity in the spirit is the antithesis of change in the spirit. To conform is to become so integrated into a group or environment that individuality fades away. This makes us think of chameleons, who are able to hide in plain sight by adapting to their surroundings. Thus, it is not unreasonable to label a conforming believer a spiritual chameleon. As a consequence, believers are more likely to adopt the world's accepted way of thinking and behaving. The fact that Paul used the word "conform" to describe what happened to some believers in Rome is strong evidence that this was indeed their experience.

Paul was responding to the agnostic heresy that said, "As long as we are saved, it doesn't matter what we do with our bodies, because the flesh is evil anyway." To counter this view, Paul says that Christians' spiritual lives and physical bodies are inextricably linked, and that the former is a spiritual act of worship when the latter is offered to God in a holy and acceptable manner. To carry on God's work through us, as Jesus did when He took on flesh, we must likewise submit our bodies to Christ.

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