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What it means to see jesus Christ

Like some people collect first edition books, rare works of art, or classic cars, I treasure and collect such stories. I like Robert Hudson's "Seeing Jesus: Visionary Encounters from the First Century to the Present" so much because even secondhand accounts will do.

Beginning with the apostle Thomas, who felt the risen Christ's crucifixion scars, "Seeing Jesus" describes people who witnessed the risen Christ in the years immediately following his resurrection.

I once heard a young guy say that he had seen the face of Jesus moving like flesh in the trunk of a chestnut tree. In the afternoon sunlight that streamed through her hospital window, an elderly woman told me that Christ had appeared to her. A parent with lung cancer revealed that he had once glanced up at a crucifix in a church and watched as the body there writhed and wriggled, coming to life before his eyes; it had been so horrifying that he had never before.

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