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South African Woman Dies In Malawi On Visit To Church Of Self Proclaimed Famous Prophet

This is definitely sad news for the family of the person who died, because the person went to another country to get some kind of spiritual healing and died right away. Which is what worries a lot of people, because it seems like the person didn't even need to go to another country if they're just going to die this way.

Since Malawi was mentioned, a lot of people have already decided that this person is a follower of the fugitive self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri, and that he just asked his followers from all over the world to come to his country and worship with him.

But it looks like they died in a bad accident. It's sad that there are people who go to other people's countries based on what they read on the Internet or hear from other sources, and they fall for tricks like this, spending their hard-earned money to travel long distances only to be met with a bad result.

A Limpopo family got the body of a woman who died in Malawi while going to church or praying at OR Tambo airport in Kempton Park, which is in the province of Gauteng. Now, obviously, when things like this happen, it's very sad, and it's the job of the authorities to do the necessary investigations to find out if the cause of death is really what is being said. We don't know why they have to do quick investigations to find out if there was wrongdoing so they can get rid of it, because that's not fair.

It's said that she went from South Africa to Malawi a few days ago to pray in person with a well-known self-proclaimed prophet. Unfortunately, she died suddenly on the trip.

It's a shame that we're in a situation where people in our country are being brainwashed and forced to do things they're not used to. They're only exposed to these things to make them think that they're the answer to their unfulfilled lives.

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