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Guidance is critical in our lives

Guidance is critical in our lives! 

No matter how clever you think you are, no matter how you think you have things figured out; you still need guidance in your life and there is no one who can guide you better.than your Ancestors as they are the only ones who know what you need and how to achieve it.

In everything, there should be balance and if there is no balance things crumble. So our Ancestors help us create this balance in our Spirit and Ancestry.

You may have done a lot of things to create balance, but your Ancestors know what will create COMPLETE balance and flow in your Spirit.

As I went deeper in this journey I understood why a lot of people band I began to understanding than judging. People got tired of doing things that don't end and took short cuts.

I am not promoting bad rituals as it's not the answer (it's NEVER an answer to sacrifice people's lives for your own GAIN.and whatever leaves someone else crying is never a blessing).

and we need to push to do what our Ancestors want than short cuts. It is doable, I PROVED IT and it gets so fulfilling when you get to the and Ancestors provide.

As they make a lot of demands, when you get to a certain stage where you understand their will clearly, they provide because they know you won't waste their money and you will spend it on their demands.

You forget about luxury and you first focus on their needs and trusting to give you that luxury when you get to the point they want you to get! With Ancestors it's luxury last and their will first!.

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