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Acknowledge your spiritual guides all the time


The Mystery of the Ancestors is indeed quite tricky, a lot of Myths are mixed with facts when it comes to these things. The vague explanations have misled many, some to a point of no return. That is why I say you must be careful of your Ancestors.

Even most importantly you must choose your Ancestors, I know this may seem contrary to popular belief.

Here's the thing, it is not all Ancestors who are Ascended, it is not all Ancestors who wish you well, thirdly some of the spirits which some people call their Ancestors are not really Ancestors.

Are you aware of Astral Parasites, who can shapeshift into any form, including your Ancestors.

Are you aware of Demonic entities who can disguise their possession over you and make it seem as if you have a Spiritual gift?

There are many people out there who are working with these things Consciously/unconcsiously. from demonic entities who disguise themselves as Ancestors to unAscended Ancestors who supposedly need Cleansing.

It is true that during traditional healers initiations, the teacher accept any Ancestor who comes forth, willing to appease it, they do not choose between a dark Ancestor and a Ascended Ancestor.

The reason being that the Dark Ancestor will be used to fight off evil, as if the Ascended Ancestor cannot. As a result people allow themselves to be vessels for low Astral Entities and are proud to say they drink the blood to be where they are now.

People are performing sacrifices left and right, unknowingly feeding these Astral Parasites who actually feed on blood and manifest through blood.

Psychically the Energy field of the Earth gets dirty, hence there are a lot of spirits roaming around possessing people. These entities do not have bodies, but can manifest themselves through someone else.

There's a lot of these demonic entities initiation many of these spiritual teachers it. These days eDlozini it's 20% Healing and 80% Witchcraft 0% african -0% Enlightenment. This is not African.

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Astral Mystery of the Ancestors


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