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Benefits of salt and Ash(Protect your family from enemies)

Salt has various spiritual powers and benefits. With so many known and unknown foes, you must safeguard yourself and your entire family against wicked people. Writing because you heard something and writing from your experience are two different things. Today I am writing from my experience because I want people to understand the value of the gift that God has given us (Salt). I was terrified of moving into our new home because of my husband's nasty ancestors, but then I remembered what a man of God who was also a close family friend taught me about salt and its spiritual powers, and my dread vanished.

I also had a Yoruba traditionalist buddy who knew a lot about these things and pushed me to be bold and move into my new house rather than paying rent monthly. I heeded the advise and we moved to our new home; upon arrival, I vowed myself that I would be strong and fight for my family. The first thing I did was pray, then use salt to neutralize and purify our entire property. I sprinkle salt around my complex every now and then to counteract any negative energy, and ever since we moved into our home, I've developed my confidence and worried nothing because fear is man's worst enemy.

So I want you to know today that you can safeguard your family without running from one prayer place to the next. Take charge of your life, and your adversaries will run for you rather than you for them. How long will you keep running for them? No more because the Lord is your power!


1. Salt is a natural cleanser.

2. It purifies and heals

3. It's utilized to neutralize

4. It is utilized for defense, among other things.


1. Add a little salt to your bathing water to defend yourself and your family from evil attacks when you feel uneasy or when you can't explain how you're feeling but you feel bad OR when you are surrounded by evil individuals or foes. Do this every now and again.

2. Sew or knot a little piece of white cloth around a pinch of salt and insert it inside your right shoe while traveling or going to a place where your enemies are present OR if it is vital for you to go somewhere you may not trust, for safety and protection.

3. Combine salt and blue and sprinkle in four corners of your home to fend off evil nightmares and spirits.

4. Sprinkle salt in the corners of your house and compound to kill any JUJU or poison that bad people have kept for you.

5. Pray with your palm filled with salt, sand, and ash powder. Call out your opponents' names. Now, while praying for their demise, blow the salt concoction into the air. Watch to watch how they will flee and be conquered." "And the multitude of thine shall be scattered like little dust, and the multitude of the terrible ones shall be scattered like chaff." (Isaiah 29:5)

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