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Be On Your Guard Always And Pray

The Son of God, rather than a prophet who is told what to say by God, was speaking to His disciples in the capacity of the Son of God, who knows the timetable of the events of the world. It's no surprise that in AD 70, God's most beloved city, Jerusalem, was demolished in accordance with His command. Those who disregarded His warning paid a heavy price, but those who heeded His warning were relieved of their burden.

I'm not sure how you interpret the teachings of Jesus Christ. Whether you believe it or not, they will undoubtedly come to pass at the appropriate time and in the proper season. If the city of Jerusalem at that time was demolished, His return will undoubtedly occur at the appropriate time. Take a look at His prediction and you will see that after the destruction of Jerusalem, the next step is the fulfillment of the time of the Gentiles, which we are currently living in (v 24).

These days are the days of grace, and they have brought salvation to people who are not Jewish, including you and me. The problem is that we have no way of knowing when this period of grace will come to an end. That is why you should not take any chances because the Son of God will appear in the sky at a time when you do not expect him to, to take away the saints and open the door for the period of the Jews, in which all of Israel will be saved (Rom 11 v 1 - 26).

The kingdom of God is, without a doubt, on its way. We must heed Jesus' command to keep watch and pray so that the day does not sweep us away with it.

Are you prepared to meet Jesus for the first time? A day of joy for many and a day of condemnation for the vast majority.

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