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American Preacher Creflo Dollar Allegedly Says, Tithing Is Not Biblical: Opinion

I don't think it's right for Dr creflo Dollar to say this is specially after he has made so much money from drive isn't it amazing that most of the people that are saying they have been preaching a wrong gospel about chive millionaires today so are they trying to close doors for the preachers that are depending on it so that they may be the only ones that are easy

Tithes is not the law of Moses tithes is a principle of Abraham. If the Bible says we are the children of Abraham both by Faith and and also by covenant. The same Abraham paid 10% of his possessions when he met Melchizedek. So it became a principal that should be practiced because it was never a law. There is a difference between a principal and a law.

Abraham is the only name that has lived through from Old testament to a New testament. This means if the name of Abraham is living through and we are still called the children of Abraham even in the New testament, then his principles should be practiced even today.

Tithes is a practice within Abraham's covenant not Mosaic law.

Thank you

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