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Wishing people happy Eid is like shaking hands with the Devil. Claims a Christian Pastor.

It is Eid today, which is a happy time for Muslim people. As a Christian, I personally have a lot of Muslim friends who I wished a happy Eid as soon as I woke up in the morning. However I then discovered some thing that can only be regarded as slander. A Christian Pastor has claimed that wishing Muslim people a happy Eid is the same as shaking hands with the Devil. All the details are down below.

The man above made a both horrible and slanderous statement Just a short while before Eid would occur. In his statement he said that anyone who wishes people happy Eid or happy Diwali, is hiding hands with the Devil. He went on to insult a pastor that he saw do it and then went on to say that he would never do some thing like that. After he's post went viral he later removed it and responded. However this is the original post, below.

In his response post he said that he will pray for all the people who "Spewed out Venom" at him. This was a bad move, personally I think her should have Just apologised for his terrible words because what came next was not unexpected.

Obviously the South African Public did not appreciate his slanderous words so they dealt with it the way they deal with everything. By using their humor and making memes. Below are just a couple of them, However quite a few are being made.

Regardless of his words, I hope Muslims who see this won't let it get in their way. Instead I hope that they really do enjoy their Eid. While cases like this can be sad, it's great how the South African Public always come together to create memes and use humor to deal with bad situations. It's one thing that I personally love about this Country and it's one of the few reasons I'm proud to be South African. Tell me what you think of this case in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

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