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Here Are The Authentic Reasons Why You Are Not Going To Be Crushed

"What do you have in mind for the LORD? He will put an end to the sorrow for good: it will not arise again ", Nahum 1:9.

Victory over adversaries is one of God's great promises to His children. When opponents arrive with a plan to crush a child of God, the Lord vows to drive them away. “So shall they fear the LORD's name from the west, and his splendor from the rise of the sun,” He says in Isaiah 59:19. The Spirit of the LORD will raise a standard against him when the adversary comes in like a flood.”

There are some measures you must do if you want this promise to become a reality in your life. The first is that your heart must be filled with fear of God. You stay away from sin because of this fear. “ then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?” Joseph asked his master's wife in Genesis 39:9, inspired by his fear of God.

Joseph was preserved from sexual immorality by his dread of God, rather than the law. His successes over all foes, from his father's house to the alien land of Egypt, can be attributed to his adoration for God.

Furthermore, Isaiah 43:1-2 gives some additional reasons why you, as a child of God, cannot be vanquished. For starters, because the Lord God Almighty is your Creator, you cannot be crushed.

Nothing can happen by chance to harm you since you are not a byproduct of chance or an accident. Because you were created by the Almighty, no harm can deform you (Psalm 91:1-4). You can't be crushed for another reason: you aren't cheap. You were redeemed at the price of Jesus Christ's precious blood. You're so precious that you've been given a unique moniker (Revelation 2:17). In Luke 12:7, the Lord expressed his thoughts about your worth:

“However, even your individual hairs are all counted. So don't be afraid; you're worth more than a flock of sparrows.”

The blessings of Christians who have made peace with their Maker via repentance and regeneration include God's promise in Isaiah 43:1-2. Is it possible that you're among them? What are you waiting for, if you're one of them? Beloved, you must accept that our Lord Jesus Christ's Father, God, is your Creator.

Repeat your belief in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ's work on the cross. God will give you an indestructible name if you return to Him. You will triumph on this planet, and you will triumph over eternal death in the afterlife. You will see God's grandeur if you believe this.

Father, please send Your Spirit to drive back all adversaries who have risen against me like a rushing torrent, according to Your promise, in Jesus' Name.

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