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Let the whistlers spirit be awaken

In life we return to protect, to love, to bring happiness, but we do it the wrong way, we forget to protect our peace and we lose it, after we lose it that's when we realize how much we need it. 

If you haven't let go of your past and your pains. Forget about lifting up the spirit of whistle . Healing is the first foundational stage of awakening ancestors and spiritual. Even if your gifts have awakened, you will never reach your full potential, you will be partially awakened.

That's is why you start experiencing backache, massive headaches right on top of your forehead.

Your whistle will always bring back your past, whatever you haven't healed it will surface it, that's why when you fall in love.

You see your past situations in your current relationship ( you know the saying- until you heal you will keep attracting same situations/people but different faces).

You can fool yourself that you have moved on but as long as you haven't healed your deep wounds they will keep on haunting you.

And you will carry anger within, your whistlers is not there to hurt you but to remind you that you need to forgive and let go. yes it happened and it was awful but you have to set it free because it is blocking your spiritual growth.

If you die with grudges and secrets and sins, your whistle spirit is going to turn you back to go and ask for forgiveness.

So that you can be able to rest in peace, that's why we often dream of people who hurt us, but you dream of the situation the aim is for you to forgive that person so that they can rest in peace.

Sometimes you will be dreaming of your ex, the one who hurt you most, but dreaming a beautiful life together.your whistlers spirit is trying to tell you that forgive and make peace with the past and move on.

Some people will be praying and communicating with your ancestors.And our ancestors don't hear us and become more angry in which it pushes them more away from their ancestors.

The spirit world will only respond in a way that is to show you where you go wrong. When your ancestors are angry you will be dreaming dogs, cows, police chasing you other than that, they are trying to show you what is wrong.

The spirit world will do anything to answer your prayers. But they can't when you are spiritually and emotionally heavy.Because you will be blocking your own blessings. As much as it is hard to forgive, at the end it frees you.


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