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Shembe Prophet Shows Kindness To The Lady Whom Church Elders Chased Away In A Durban March

Unyazilwexulu has surprised a lady who was seen as a heathen by Shembe Church elders during a March in Durban.

The lady was taken away by the music and she imitated the Shembe church elders something that is done by only males in the church. The scene of the lady went viral on social media. This will be remembered and many will describe the scene as that a lady was chased away heartlessly. Mbali Nyandeni who is trending these days because of the video where she was seen being removed by one of the elders, was invited to Buhleni on Thursday by Nyazilwezulu. The prophet apologized for what happened during the march. Mbali narrated the story to Journalist that she received a call from the elders of the Shembe church and told her about the invitation by the Prophet. Regardless of being told that they are nothing bad the prophet is calling her for Mbali was terrified. She thought she will ask a lot of questions as to why she did what she did. But she was pleased in the way she was treated at the Church. She was served lunch. She took along her mother and siblings to accompany her to the church, the same elders came to her house to pick them up.

The prophet invited her to Buhleni to apologize to her for what happened. Nyazilwezulu was not part of the lunch as he had to go somewhere for duty but promised to join her again sometime. Nyandeni said she received many gifts and the Nazareth told her she is welcome to visit their Church and if she wants to come they will come to her house to fetch her. She shared also her photos that went viral on Facebook saying she got engaged. Another said she was married to one of the Nazareth but she discarded that and said they were playing around with her friends.

The church spokesperson said the prophet does not support women abuse and children. He even disputed the incident of Nyandeni being chased away from the elder's march. He said it was inappropriate and disclosed that the only thing is women are not allowed to be part of the match and dance with men in the Nazareth church.

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