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"You are a candidate of hell if you wear this to church, man posted

I don't know weather to agree with this post or not, but it is saying, "if you are a lady and you are wearing these kind of things, going to church, you are a candidate of hell.

I don't know whether this guy has a problem with ladies wearing these things to church or ladies wearing these things anywhere. Could woman be judged for just wearing these, but then if a person wears this to church, I agree with this guy because, who do you want to charm with everything that is a fake on you.

Remember God knows us the way that we are, and He want us to come to Him the way that we are. So if you are fake you also receive a fake blessing. Fake attracts fake, God only recognizes your true identity.

When you dress and appear like this to God you are naked and a stumbling block to man, seducing them and reducing them to a loaf of bread. It is called sexual sin, and with sexual sin, you will not enter into the Kingdom of God, because the benchmark is Holiness. Righteousness and genuine Repentance, Hebrews 12:14 is the standard on that day of the Lord, finish!

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