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TB Joshua Dirty Laundry Is Aired, This Will Sh0ck Many people

Numerous people thought T. B Joshua was a godly man, but per the Scriptures, he was attacked by hyenas while donning a sheep skin. T.B Joshua, like all pastors, was struggling to make ends meet. He and Bushiri are mafias who profit from the ignorance of those who refuse to study the Bible. Accurate to his time, Jesus was worried with preaching the kingdom of God to the masses, not with accumulating wealth. 

Objects Joshua was making a profit. 

Facebook user comments 

Jesus never taught anyone to be in it for the money. He was never a wealthy man. However, today's pastors have aspirations of becoming wealthy. They are capable of everything in arrange to defraud human beings. TB Joshua's authority were supposedly given to him by a healer during his lifespan. He claimed that pastor Joshua lent him a lump amount of money. 

Kwaku Bonsam is a Ghanaian traditional healer. 

Joshua's falsehoods from his prophecies are another thing that clearly proves he was the Antichrist. The man made numerous prophecies that never came true. The most notable is that of Hillary Clinton. Another evidence that pastors are not chosen by Jehovah is found in Matthew 23:1-9 of the Bible.

"Then Jesus addressed the multitudes and his apostles, and said, 2 "The writers and Prophets have taken up residence in Moses' chair. 

3 Consequently, do and analyse all that they inform you, and do not do as they claim, because they say but do not exercise what they speak. 

4 They connect large objects and place them on men's right shoulder, but they refuse to move people with their own hands. 

5 They widen the bible instances they dress as protections and elongate the outskirts of their clothing in order to be shown to men, because they do all of their operates to be shown to men. 6 They prefer the front chairs in congregations as well as the most special spot at breakfast and dinner. 

7 as well as good wishes in retailers and being addressed as Rabbi by men. 

8 But you, don't call yourself Rabbi, because one of you is your Teacher, and the rest of you are brothers. 

9 Furthermore, do not address anyone on earth as your father, because only one is your Father, the glorious One. 

10 "Do not call yourselves leaders," 

read wat was said by Kwaku Bonsam a traditional doctor taken from:

Jehovah God forbids anyone from wanting power from witches, per the Holy book. Joshua, like other pastors, gotten involved in Bobo Kwansam's situation in the quotation previous section. As a result, TB Joshua was the Antichrist. 

Matter of fact, the way preachers are described in the verses I've shown here is very evident. Pastors enjoy being welcomed at marketplaces, and we now see people affixing Joshua-themed stickers to their gates. Although the Bible forbids calling somebody a leader or a father, bishops are frequently referred to as fathers. Not imperfect men, but Jesus is the only leader of Christianity.

Paul said that in some religious texts, "I proselytize Word of god, but I also have a job to do in order to live. I don't live off the sweat of others." 

TB Joshua, on the other hand, became wealthy by selling blessed oil, holy water, and a variety of other products. He even made a lot of money by tithing the tenth.

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