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Why Did Africans Believe Westerns Who Say, Polygamy Is Sin & Homosexuality Is Human Right: Opinion

Upto now so far I have not yet seen in the bible the verse that condemns polygamy. I have never heard from the words of the Lord Himself condemning polygamy. You would either hear the Apostle Paul giving it as an advise or opinion, that whoever desires to be a deacon must be a man of one wife. People need to know that, there are things that were said in the bible as the apostles see them, then they are those that are said as the Lord commands.

There is a difference between, a suggestion/opinion, instruction and a command. A suggestion say, if you do this it is for you own good, but doesn't offend the Lord if you don't, because the disadvantage of it, it's already a punishment. Instruction gives you what you should do within a certain time frame, to be victorious over the challenge of that time, if you don't, the disadvantage of disobeying instruction is punishment already. A command does not change, it is a stipulated word, it carries laws not rules. A command is constitutional. It does not have to change with time. On polygamy, the bible suggests but on homosexuality it commands, it condemns. See verses below;


Leviticus 20:13

The westerns claims to be biblical, so where did they find the courage to draw a line, to condemn african practices and promote theirs. This shows westerns did not write the bible, otherwise they would follow what it says.

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