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Child Of God, Look Beyond The Bus Stop

"For consider him who suffered such opposition from sinners, lest ye become weary and feeble in your minds." Hebrews 12:3

Read: Hebrews 12:1-3

As Christians, we have a race set before us, according to Hebrews 12:1. Although we did not start the race, our decision to follow Jesus Christ instantly enrolled us as participants. Furthermore, this is a unique marathon. You will not be able to complete the race if you lack patience. You would be wasting your time if you tried to run it like a spirit, because God will not redesign the race for you; rather, you must conform to His schedule.

The Christian life is a series of events rather than a single event. You are expected to progress from one step to the next as a process. You must be like a bus passenger who hops from one bus stop to the next until he arrives at his final destination. During your travel, you may be obliged to make a pit stop at a bus stop that is in need of repair. This will put your faith and capacity to trust God for provision to the test.

Never, ever, .transform that bus stop become your destination, no matter how long you linger there. God may allow you to make a pit stop at the mockery bus stop in order to see if you can keep running despite the derision. Those with inflated egos and a high regard for themselves may have difficulties here. Do you realize that some people have canceled their journey to Heaven because they have been insulted, ridiculed, and laughed at?

This bus stop was also visited by the race's Author and Finisher. People derided Him and mocked Him severely, but He overcame all of it with the weapons of prayer, patience, and quietness, and he eventually crossed the finish line. He made it to the end because he concentrated on the joy that had been placed before him (Hebrees 12:2) The way you view the race that lies ahead of you will have a significant impact on your attitude toward it.

While many people regard the race ahead of them as a frightening event, Jesus sees it as a joyful occasion. As a result, one method to win this race is to ignore the obstacles along the road and concentrate on the prizes that await you on the other side. You will not make your bus stop into a destination by pitching a tent there if your heart is set on what you will get in Heaven. How are you coping with the race? The beautiful, eternal sense of joy awaits you on the other side of the present terrible events. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

You will grow weary if you do not focus on the silver lining at the conclusion of the marathon journey to Heaven.

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